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Year 5

Sock Olympics

It’s the final few days for our inaugural Y5 Sock Olympics! Lots of you have already entered your results and they are looking impressive. Currently the Hawks are the house with the most entrants, and 5BS are the class with the largest number of participants. You have until 6pm on Wednesday 8th July to enter your results - there are prizes for the gold, silver and bronze medal winners in each event. 
if you still need to complete your events you can find videos and descriptions in the folder for 29th June below.  You can find the results form by clicking here.

Working From Home Zone


If you are working from home, take a look in the folders below to find some useful work to keep you learning!  There are also some fun Dojo Sharing Challenges below which you can pick and choose from if you are looking for something a little different!

Acorn Time Capsule Challenge


Look at the fantastic Acorn Time Capsule that the children in school have been making! It's all ready for you to add your memories of this unusual time. Below you will find some time capsule ideas sheets, it would be brilliant if you could complete them with your memories and feelings so we can add them to our time capsule.

Brilliant Science Podcasts

You might enjoy the latest series of The Curious Cases of Rutherford and Fry. Season 16 features questions asked by young scientists and Dr Adam Rutherford and Dr Hannah Fry find the answers. 

There have been some fantastic questions so far, why not listen to the show here?  Each episode lasts for half an hour and new episodes become available on Tuesdays.

Join us for a Virtual School Trip!

This term we would have been taking you on a trip to visit Tutbury Castle, to see the actual place where Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned four times between February 1569 and December 1585!  We know from her letters that Mary particularly hated being at Tutbury as it was cold and damp, it's a much nicer place to visit now and it is a really interesting trip for us.

We were really disappointed when it became obvious that we wouldn't be able to take you this year, especially as you would miss one of the real highlights of the day, meeting Mary Queen of Scots and having the chance to ask her some questions about her life. Obviously the lady you meet isn't the real Mary as she died in 1587, but the lady you meet is called Lesley Smith. This is a photo of her wearing a dress and make up which is exactly the sort of outfit the real Mary would have worn.  Lesley is the curator at Tutbury and she is an expert on Mary Queen of Scots and meeting her in role as Mary is an amazing experience!

Lesley has kindly agreed to help us to give you a virtual school trip experience and she will record a video for us in which Mary Queen of Scots will talk to you about her life and answer some questions that you would like to know the answer to. We have sent the questions you asked over to Lesley and we are very excited about the video! In the meantime check out these videos of Tutbury Castle now, and how historians think it would have looked in the 16th century. 

An aerial visit to Tutbury Castle today

See what Tutbury Castle would have looked like in the 16th Century

Remember, only do as much as you can, and try not to worry.  Keep safe and remember to relax when you need to. We have added a link to some Well-being resources linked to the SWAP sessions we did in school in the Autumn Term.  Why not take a look?

You do not need to print anything out (apart from the optional spelling word searches) - please complete your work by looking at it on a screen and writing your answers either in your Power Maths Practice Book or in your new green Working At Home exercise book. 

Your passwords have been stuck into the front of your green exercise book to help you.  If you have trouble with any of your passwords or you don't have them to hand, send an email in to your teacher using the address, and they can solve this problem for you.


Picture 1

Catch up, Keep Up, Take Off This Summer with our 5 fundamentals!

Catch up, Keep Up, Take Off This Summer with our 5 fundamentals! 1

If you are worried or confused about Coronavirus, this book might help answer some questions.  It has been written by Professor Graham Medley who is the Professor of Infectious Disease Modelling at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, so you can be sure that the information is accurate and reliable.  It also has some great pictures by Axel Scheffler  who drew the pictures for The Gruffalo.  

Remember, by washing your hands and by trying to keep 2m apart from any people who don't live in your home when you are out and about, you are doing a great job of helping to keep us all safe.  It is a funny time for everyone, we are all missing each other and looking forward to things getting back to normal.  Make sure you talk to a grown up if you are feeling worried or there is something you don't understand, and they will help you.

Please visit these sites regularly:

If you enjoyed reading Harry Potter at school, you might enjoy some of the activities on this new Harry Potter website that is casting a Banishing Charm on boredom!  Why not learn how to draw a Niffler, find out what house you would belong to or try some of their fun quizzes and puzzles?

Topic Activities to work on:

Do you need a new book to read? Here are some links to an e-book library and an audio book service you can use for free at the moment:

If you want to listen to the rest of the book Mr Lomas was reading in his assembly, it's all here:

Skellig Chapter 23 and 24

Read by Mr Lomas

Skellig Chapters 25 and 26

Read by Mr Lomas

Skellig Chapters 27 and 28

Read by Mr Lomas
NEW - you can find the remaining chapters  on the Year 6 landing page. Click here

Daily Video Lessons:


Approach to calculations at HPS

Here are some other fantastic things to do!

Picture 1

Welcome to Year 5 - presentation

Still image for this video

SPaG Mat - Help for Parents and Carers

Nrich is another great place for maths challenges.  Problems at Stage 2 are a good place to start.


Still image for this video

Pygmy Mice.MOV

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video
Here are some maths packs that you might like to download so you can practice your skills during the long summer break and stay sharp, ready for the new challenges in your new classes.