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Week 1- 23.03.20: 

The Very Hungry Caterpillar



- Fold paper to make into a story book

- Can children re-write the story?

- Write a list of the different food from the story

- Write a shopping list for the caterpillar

- Can children dress up and act out the story?

- Can children make a fact book all about caterpillars?

- Write two sentences comparing a caterpillar to a butterfly


In the internationally acclaimed The Very Hungry Caterpillar, a tiny caterpillar eats and eats...and eats his way through the week. Taken from The Very Hungry ...

Week 2- 30.03.20:

The Teeny Weeny Tadpole


-  Can children use internet/ books to look up some facts about tadpoles

- Can children order to the life cycle of a frog by drawing pictures and writing a simple sentence next to each picture

- Can children draw a poster of 'The Teeny Weeny Tadpole' and write some words to describe their tadpole


The Teeny Weeny Tadpole wishes to jump high like his mommy, little does he know how soon he will. Like, comment, and subscribe for more videos! Thank you for...

Easter Break 

Weeks 6.03.20 & 13.03.20


Please enjoy the Easter Break! Rest, play games and have lots of fun with your child. 

Week 3 - 20.04.20:

The Beetle in the Bathroom


  • Write a list of all the bugs from the story. Can you write them in the order that they appear?

  • Make a list of rhyming words from the story. Can you think of any of your own to add to the list?

  • Design your own bug hotel. Label it, naming the materials you would use for e.g. wood, logs, leaves etc.

Beetle in the Bathroom

The humorous tale of life in the bathroom at night - from skiing ladybirds to bathing beetles and bungee jumping spiders.

Week 4 - 27.04.20:

Arrrhhhh Spider


  • Do you have any pets in your immediate/extended family?What can you tell us about them?


   What do they eat?

   What do they like doing?

   What do they look like? What colour are they?


   Write a few sentences to describe your pet.


**If you don't have any pets in your family what pet would you like? Write a few sentences to describe it thinking about the questions above.


  • Make up an imaginary pet. Draw it and label it.

"Aaaarrgghh, Spider!" by Lydia Monks

Week 5 - 4.05.20:

Room on a Broom


  • Write your own magic potion.


Using the prompt cards to help you...

Can you write a list of ingredients?

Can you write a set of instructions to show how to make it?

Room On The Broom (Morando na Vassoura)

Week 6 - 11.05.20:

What the Ladybird Heard


  • Make a list of all the animals that appear in the story. Choose your favourite and make a list of words that rhyme with your chosen animal for example: Cow, now, bow, how. 


**Remember rhyming words sound the same. Each word will have the same sound/set of letters at the end of the word.


Challenge yourself!

Can you put the list of animals in alphabetical order?


  • Paint or draw your favourite character from the story. Write a few sentences to describe them.


  • Make a 'Wanted Poster' for the baddies in the story. Write a few sentences to describe what they look like. What are they wearing? What type of character are they? For e.g. mean, sneaky etc. Will there be a reward? Use the wordmat to help you with your description.

What the Ladybird Heard

What the Ladybird Heard by Julia Donaldson.

Week 7 - 18.05.20: 

No-Bot Robot


  • Create a character profile for No-Bot the Robot. Alternatively draw/paint your own robot. Give him/her a name. Write a few sentences to describe your robot. What does he/she look like? What are the different parts made from? What special features do they have? What can they do? 


  • What was your favourite part of the story? Write a sentence using the following sentence opener to help you.


     I liked it when ........


Challenge yourself!

Can you use 'because' to explain why?


  • Talk about the ending of the story.What did No-Bot the Robot leave behind on the swings? Can you write your own short story about the adventures of the Robot who has lost his arm? How might the Robot feel? Who will the Robot meet? What will the arm be used for?



Poor Bernard! All he wanted to do was play at the park he had no idea he would loose his bottom!! With the help of his friends can bernard find his bottom? L...

  Half Term! 

Week 8 - 25.05.20

From all the staff in EYFS we hope you and your families have an enjoyable break.



Week 9 - 1.06.20:

Dear Zoo



Can you create your own 'lift the flap' page to add to the story?


  • Draw a picture of an animal and stick the flap over the top (gluing across the top of the paper only)


  • Use the pattern from the story to create your own sentence.


'I wrote to the zoo to send me a pet. They sent me an ........ He was too ....... so I sent him back.'


  • To make it simpler, you could write some short clues underneath and get your grown ups to guess what animal you have drawn. For example for a crocodile...


'He has sharp teeth'

'He is green'

'He has a long tail'



Challenge Yourself!


Can you make your own Dear Zoo book? Could you use your imagination and change the title e.g. Dear Farm, Dear Underwater?

Dear Zoo read by Justin Fletcher | CBeebies Bedtime Stories

For more CBeebies Bedtime Stories visit - Join Justin Fletcher as he read a classic Bedtime Story, packed with animal fun! Dear Zoo is...