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This week we will be learning about how meerkats survive in the Kalahari Desert.

Watch this video to see how meerkats manage to eat poisonous millipedes by using sand to rub off the poisonous layer on the outside of the millipede.

How does a meerkat eat a poisonous millipede without being harmed?

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This video shows you how a meerkat warms up after a cold desert night by facing towards the morning sun. The dark rings around the meerkat's eyes work like sunglasses to help it see in the bright sunshine.

How does a meerkat see in the bright desert sunshine?

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Lots of animals live in difficult places. Meerkats live in the Kalahari Desert where it is cold at night, hot during the day and there isn't much to drink. They need to be careful to keep safe from predators like eagles and jackals.

Talk to your helper about how meerkats manage to find all the things that animals need to survive.

Ask your helper to help you make a chart like this one and fill in the information. You can write and draw the information you have discovered. 

What does a meerkat need? How does the meerkat get it?









protection from predators




These websites might be good places to look at with your helper as they have lots of interesting information.