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This week we will be starting work on our penguin fact files by finding out about the life cycle of a penguin and then looking at the habitat of the Emperor penguin.

Watch this film about the Emperor penguin.

Emperor penguins

Still image for this video

How do the penguins manage to survive the cold and snowy weather?

Can you find the penguins' home in the Antarctic region, on a map?

The video showed the penguins' eggs hatching and baby penguins being born.

Here are some pictures of penguins at different stages of their life cycle.

Can you put them in order?

If you have a printer, you could print out and make this penguin life cycle wheel.

Have a look at these slides about the life cycle of an Emperor penguin. 

Can you remember what the four stages of the Emperor penguin's life cycle are called?

Have a go at the Pedro the Penguin yoga workout.

Pedro the Penguin | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

If you have a cardboard tube at home, why not try making this model of a penguin?

Can you follow the instructions carefully?

Don't worry if you don't have any googly eyes, you could use white paper and a black pen to make your penguin's eyes instead.