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Week Beginning 15th March 2021

This week we are continuing our geology topic and we will be learning about two palaeontologists, one who is working today and one who lived about 200 years ago. We will be using two books, Stone Girl Bone Girl and When Sue found Sue to investigate how life for scientists has changed over time.


We will also be learning about the different types of fossils and having a go at making our own fossil models.


In our maths work this week, we will start working on part-whole models and work on practicing our adding skills.

Don't forget to use the Collins Big Cat site to practice your reading if you are in Key Stage One. If you are in Key Stage 2, remember to read using your MyOn login and try to quiz on your book at Accelerated Reader. All the links you need are on our main Cubhouse page.
Our first book, Stone Girl Bone Girl by Laurence Anholt is quite a long story. You don't need to listen to it all in one go, in fact it would be better to watch a few pages at a time and then talk about the information with your helper. It's important to understand the information we read and sometimes that means reading in smaller chunks!

Stone Girl Bone Girl

Our second book, When Sue Found Sue, is the story of a modern palaeontologist, Sue Hendrickson. Find out about her amazing discovery....

When Sue Found Sue