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Week 9: 8.06.2020

Little Red Riding Hood

James McAvoy - CBeebies Bedtime Stories - 'Little Red Riding Hood'

There's "something" about this man and his accent.... xD Original Source:

Follow up Activities:

Do you have different versions of the story?? If so, compare them. Do they end the same? How are the stories similar/different? Discuss the characters, the setting and the beginning, middle and end. Look at some of the tricky words in the text and have a practise at writing them. 


Can you re write the story on your own without your grown ups help? Can you remember what happened first in the story? Maybe you would like to make up a different ending to the story? 


***Making it simple:


Can you write a sentence to show what happened either at the beginning, middle or end? For e.g. Red Riding Hood went into the woods.


It could be a sentence to describe a character for e.g. The wolf was sneaky, Red Riding Hood had a red cloak.