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Week 8: 1.06.2020

Length & Height

When children make direct comparisons they may initially say that something is 'bigger' or 'smaller' than something else. We need to try and encourage them to use more specific Mathematical vocabulary for example; longer or shorter (for length), taller or shorter (for height) and wider or narrower for breadth. 


The Zoo keeper needs your help! To send each animal he needs a strong cage or box which is tall enough and wide enough.



Using lego, construction or junk....

  • Can you build a cage for the Monkey? 
  • Can you build a cage for the lion? It needs to be taller and wider.
  • What about the snake? This needs to be shorter but longer than the Monkey's cage. 


Ask your child to explain which cage is for who and why. Encourage use of correct Mathematical langue for e.g. This cage is for the snake because it is the longest. Snakes are long. 



Draw around your shoe and cut out...feel free to decorate if you wish! Take your footprint with you and explore. What can you find that is longer or shorter than your footprint? Can you find anything that is the same length as your foot?




Can you use playdough to make a long snake and a short snake? Can you make a thick snake or a thin snake? 


Key Questions/Further Challenge:


  • Which is longer? Which is shorter?

  • Which is taller? Which is shorter?

  • Can you find something that is longer, shorter, taller, thicker, thinner, wider, narrower than a book, a box, a pencil, a chosen toy etc? 

  • Find 3 of the same object (3 pencils, 3 sticks, 3 lego blocks etc) and see if your child can order from shortest to longest. 

  • How can we measure the length/height/width of an object? Explore.... you don't always need a ruler! Post your ideas onto Tapestry. 

  • Can you have a go at using a ruler or tape measure to measure the length of an object? Remember the bottom edge needs to be aligned at Zero.