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Week 8: 1.06.2020

Dear Zoo

Dear Zoo - World Book Day


Can you create your own 'lift the flap' page to add to the story?


  • Draw a picture of an animal and stick the flap over the top (gluing across the top of the paper only)


  • Use the pattern from the story to create your own sentence.


'I wrote to the zoo to send me a pet. They sent me an ........ He was too ....... so I sent him back.'


  • To make it simpler, you could write some short clues underneath and get your grown ups to guess what animal you have drawn. For example for a crocodile...


'He has sharp teeth'

'He is green'

'He has a long tail'


**Challenge Yourself!


Can you make your own Dear Zoo book? Could you use your imagination and change the title e.g. Dear Farm, Dear Underwater?