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Week 7: 18.05.2020

No-bot Robot


  • Can you design your own robot? Label the parts on your robot and tell us what they can do.


  • Using junk, make your robot design. Can you label the 2D and 3D shapes you have used?




  • Paint your own robot. 




  • Do you know what Robots are made from? How many objects in your house/garden can you find that are also made out of metal?


***Did you know some metals are magnetic? A magnet is a piece of metal that can pull other metals towards it or it can also push some metal away.  It is an invisible force!. Use a magnet to help you find other objects made of metal (a fridge magnet, magnetic letters or magnetic K-nex will be brilliant to use as your magnet if you have any!) What do you notice about metal/magnetic objects compared to non metal/ non magnetic objects?