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Week 4: 27.04.2020


  • Can you find all the doubles in a set of dominoes? Play a game of dominoes. Discuss the doubles you make as you play. 


** If you don't have any dominoes, have fun making some before you play. Remember to include doubles!


  • Play doubles: Take it in turns to roll 2 dice. If you roll a double you get a point. The first to 3 points wins!


  • Using lego or building blocks, make a small tower (no bigger than 10). Can your child make a tower the same size, doubling the number? Talk about each double you make.


Challenge yourself:

Can you write a number sentence for each double you can see/have made? For e.g. 2 + 2 = 4


Key Questions:

How do you know you have made a double? 

What is a double?


**Children need to understand that a double is when you have two of the same amount or two of the same. 


Show your child two number sentences, one that is a double and one that isn't for e.g. 5 + 3 = and 4 + 4 =.


Which is the double?

How do you know?

Prove it to me.


To prove, your child could use objects, toys etc to make two lots of 4 and show how they have 2 of the same amount.