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Week 14: 13.07.2020

People Who Help Us

What stories do you have at home that involve people who help us? Do you have a story about a doctor, firefighter, policeman? Remember it doesn't have to be factual!


  • Have you ever needed help from somebody? Have you needed a visit to A&E or the doctors, have you had a poorly tooth? Tell us about your experience.


  • Design a Thank you card to send to someone who has helped you. You could draw, paint or use collage to make your picture. Remember to use your best writing inside to say ‘Thank you’ and to write your name.

Key Skills for Year 1 Readiness!

  • Practise writing your name. Can you write both names independently using the correct letter formation?


  • Practise writing all letters of the alphabet. Each letter needs to be formed correctly, starting in the correct place and moving in the appropriate direction.