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Week 12: 29.06.2020

Problem Solving


  • Cody the Caterpillar is very hungry. She eats 5 leaves and then another 4. How many leaves has she eaten altogether?


  • Cody is flying to a red flower with 9 of her friends but 4 friends decide to fly to a blue flower instead. How many butterflies go to the red flower?


  • If Cody collects 10 leaves and eats 3 of them how many does she have left? 


What other problems can you think of?

Can you write a number sentence for each problem?

Can you draw pictures to help you work out the answers?


Key Questions:

  • Do you need to add or subtract/takeaway? How do you know? What words in the problem are used to tell you this?


  • What is the important information? (The numbers, whether it asks how many altogether, how many left etc? )