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Week 11: 22.06.2020


The beanstalk was very tall. Can you find 5 things in your house that are taller than you and 5 things that are shorter than you? Draw what you found or take some pictures and post on tapestry.


Challenge yourself:

  • Can you measure the height of each object? What could you use?
  • Can you order the things you found from tallest to shortest or shortest to tallest?
  • Can you explain how you know which object was the tallest/shortest?
  • How much taller/shorter is one object compared to another? What is the difference? How could you work this out?


Using seeds, pasta, sweets etc can you add 2 numbers together to find the total.


  • Pick 2 numbers (up to 20) and count out the number of objects to match each number. Can you work out how many there are altogether? Can you write it as a number sentence? For e.g. 7 + 6 =.


**To keep it simple pick 2 numbers up to 5 or 10 for e.g. 2 + 3 = or 3 + 6 =.


Challenge Yourself:

  • Can you add the numbers together without using the objects? Can you count on when adding the two numbers together to find the answer, starting with the biggest number in your head? 


  • Try adding 3 numbers together? How could you do this? Can you spot any patterns to make it easier for e.g. 3 + 7 + 5 = I know 7 + 3 is a number bond to 10 so I could do 10 + 5 = .