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Stikins Name Labels

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The school has a uniform which all pupils are expected to adhere to. It is a great help to all concerned if every article of clothing and footwear is clearly marked with your child's name.


We have three suppliers who provide our uniform which can be purchased from their shops or via their websites;


Our uniform consists of

  • Black or grey skirt or trousers
  • White or green polo shirt or white shirt/blouse
  • Emerald green sweatshirt / cardigan
  • Black shoes/boots with sensible heals (not trainers)
  • Book bags are also required


The uniform requirements for physical activities are as follows:

  • PE Bag with drawstring 
  • Green shorts
  • House coloured t-shirt (years 1 – 6 only). White t-shirt for Nursery & Reception children
  • Plimsolls (elasticated fronts instead of laces for the infants please. Please note that training shoes are not appropriate for indoor work).
  • Tracksuit bottoms and trainers may be required for Y3 - 6 outdoor PE lessons. 
  • Black Hilton hoodies are available which can be worn for outdoor P.E. (for years 3 – 6) these can be purchased from Im-press Promotions in Tutbury.


Swimming lessons (years 1 - 4). Children will requrie:

  • Swimming costume or trunks
  • Towel
  • Swimming hat (boys and girls) - can be purchased from the school office currently priced at £1.50.
  • Suitable bag


If for any reason your child is unable to participate in either P.E. or swimming, please provide a letter in advance of the lesson.



Children may wear a watch, one pair of small stud earrings and/or one small item of religious jewellery.  Children may not wear any other decorative piercings to the face or body whilst in school.  This is inline with John Port Spencer Academy policy. 


Earrings can be dangerous during activities such as Games and P.E. and therefore should be removed. Children need to be able to remove and replace their own earrings.
If ears have been recently pierced and earrings cannot be removed, an exception can be made and earrings can be taped over for Games/P.E. but not for swimming. The children need to bring their own micropore tape and be able to do this themselves. Parents/Carers must sign a disclaimer form beforehand (the PDF for it can be found below) it is also available from the school office or can be found in the policy section on the school website.


Earrings cannot be worn for swimming under any circumstances

If you are considering ear piercing for your child, please arrange for this to be done at the start of the summer holidays as normally they cannot be removed for at least six weeks after piercing. 


Please see the earring policy (below) for more details. 

Ear Piercing Policy and disclaimer form