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Safer Internet Day

Meet Digiduck - he is a duck with a computer! There are some great stories about Digiduck which can help us to understand how to use the internet safely.


There are lots of different ways that you can use the internet. This is also called going online. They both mean the same thing. Have you, or someone in your house ever

● played on an iPad/tablet;

● used a computer or a laptop;

● watched a TV show or video on Netflix, Amazon prime, BBC iPlayer 

● asked a smart speaker to do something ( Alexa, Google Home);

● played with other people in an online game;

● used a mobile phone to chat, video call, play a game, watch a video, or find something out, or

● used a smart watch to count how many steps you’ve done?

If you have, you have been using the internet.

This year for Safer Internet Day we are looking at information online, and whether we can trust everything that we read or see on the internet.

Do you think that everything you see online is true?

Do you think that there might be some things online that aren’t true? 

Although there is lots of great information online that is useful and trustworthy, it’s important to remember that there is also information online that is not so trustworthy and may even be there to try and confuse us.

We would like you to read the story Detective Digiduck. We have added here so you can read it on screen with a helper. There are two other Digiduck stories you can have a look at too if you would like to, but Detective Digiduck is the one we would like you to concentrate on because it is all about what happens when Digiduck uses the internet to try and find some information.

Now talk to your helper about the story and see if you can answer these questions.

1. What 3 things did Wise Owl teach Digiduck to do to check what he had found out?

2. If anything you saw online upset, confused or worried you, what should you do?

Can you be a fact detective?

Here are two pieces of information. One could be true and one is probably not true.

Which one do you think might be true?

Which one do you think has been made up?

What was it about the made up one that made you suspicious?

Wise Owl has made a website for you, but look closely… He might be trying to trick you!

With your helper, can you use Wise Owl’s tips from the story, to check if what Wise Owl has written is trustworthy or not?

Here are the first two Digiduck stories if you would like to read them.