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Reception Home Learning Zone

Welcome to our 'Home Learning Zone' for Reception children.


Please find below useful learning links and activities to support your child's learning at home.


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Please remember that all children will be unsettled out of their usual routine.  They may be tired, anxious, tearful, overexcited or worried and may struggle to settle to learning at home.  In school children in EYFS do not work all day.  They focus for a few short 5 - 10 minute periods with an adult daily and then they go and play making learning choices with other children.  When playing children consolidate their learning, they talk with their friends, they make sense of the world and they have fun.  Please ensure you play with your children and that they have lots of free play time throughout the day especially outside if possible.



Daily if possible please:

  • Read to your child, modelling what a good reader sounds like and fostering a love of stories.

  • Give them time to play as all children learn best through play.

  • Have fun singing, creating, baking, gardening, helping with house-hold jobs.  Children love to be helpful and learn by watching others.

  • Recap learning the phonic sounds using the phonics play website or the sound cards we sent home.  It is so easy for children to forget them if they don't recap daily as they do in school.

  • Keep counting - everything as you work and play.  Count shoes in pairs on the shoe rack, how many pots we have washed up together.

  • Play games - board games, card games, paper games such as hangman, noughts and crosses.  All games have value to support learning and they are fun.


Welcome to the Reception page at Hilton Primary School

Your Child's Day in Reception:

- School starts at 8:50 where we will greet you and your child at the door.
- Once in school, children learn through a play based curriculum.

- Children can free flow inside and outside throughout the day making independent learning choices.

- Children's learning on a daily basis will consist of adult focused activities, child-initiated activities, working one to one or in small groups with adults ensuring all children have a range of learning opportunities throughout the day.

- Once a week each class participate in a P.E session in the hall.

- Once each week on a Friday Reception children go into a 15 minutes assembly for reflective and celebration time.

- Phonics and Maths are taught on a daily basis.

- Lunchtime is from 11:45- 12:45. All children in Reception are entitled to a free school meal and all Reception children eat together.

- Children in Reception bake every three weeks.

- Children take part in enquiry based outdoor learning during 'Exciting Explorers' on a Tuesday or a Wednesday.

- At Hilton Primary School we appreciate the importance of social and emotional development and therefore teach PSED using the Jigsaw scheme on a weekly basis.



Voluntary Contribution

In Reception we like to offer a wide range of exciting learning opportunities for your child such as:

- Playdough
- Sensory play (Shaving foam, gel, rice)

- Fine motor skills (pasta, cheerios and spaghetti)
- Craft activities (paper plates, lolly pop sticks, matchsticks, googly eyes)

- Baking, using a range of techniques and ingredients
- Topic learning for celebrations (Food tasting for Chinese New Year, Pancake day, Bonfire Night, Diwali and Christmas) 

- Topic resources (Space, Dinosaurs etc)

- Gardening, growing and planting seeds and plants to be able to harvest our own herbs and vegetables.  Also supporting our learning of the world looking at mini beasts, seasons and life cycles.


In order to be able to offer these wonderful experiences to all children we politely ask for a voluntary contribution of £5 each half term.

Many thanks to all our wonderful Parents for your continued support!


Parental Relationships

In the Early Years Foundation Stage building positive and long lasting relationships with families is very important to us. We recognise the vital role parents play in being children's first role model and educator in their lives. 

Because of this, we value parents contributing regularly in their child's online learning journey on Tapestry. 


We also welcome any volunteers in the Early Years Foundation Stage and recognise the positive impact they have.

We will always inform you about your child's progress and any matters arising and, likewise, we are always here if there is anything you wish to discuss with us.

Reading and Phonics Talk to Parents

Phase 2 Phonics Sounds s,a,t,p

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g, o, c, k.mp4

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Maths for Reception Parents