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Maths Activities

This week we will be checking up on our learning to make sure we can still remember all our counting skills. It's really important to keep practicing the things we have been learning so we don't forget them.

Have a look at these tasks to see if you can still remember how to find the answers!


Talk to your helper about this thinking question.

Now practice comparing numbers by playing this game.

You will need a tens frame. Ask your helper to draw you one on some paper and you can help to make a set of digit cards with the numbers 0 to 9 written on them. 

You will also need some counters, but you can use anything for this - pasta shapes, paper circles or smarties!

Here is another game you can play with your helper. You can use the tens frame and counters you used in the last game (unless you used smarties and have already eaten them!)

  • Ask your helper to secretly make a number on the tens frame. You could close your eyes while they make the number or make the number under a small towel so you can't see it.
  • Now your helper will show you the number for 5 seconds and then hide it again.
  • Your job is to try and make their number on your tens frame using the counters.
  • Check your number - is it the same as your helper's number? 
  • If your number is different, can you explain how it is different? Is it greater or smaller? Is it one more or one less than your helper's number?

For this next game you will need a teddy.

You will need some paper.

Draw a circle on the paper and draw 6 dots inside it.

While you are doing that, ask your helper to draw you a number line that starts at zero and goes up to 10. 

If you have a small ruler, that would be fine too as you can always use a ruler as a number line. If it goes up to 15, that isn't a problem.



Tell your helper a story where each dot represents an item of food for your teddy. Count the number of dots and make sure there are six.

Find six on the number line and place a marker there to show how many the character has. You could use a pencil to be your marker.


Your teddy is going to eat some of the food! 

Rub out one of the dots.  How many are left?

Move your marker to that position on the number line.


Your teddy is going to keep eating until just one piece of food is left.

How many will be left when that one is eaten?

Where will your marker move to on the number line when the last piece of food has been eaten?


Now your teddy can go to the woods to find some more food.

Talk to your helper about what happens when you add one more piece to the circle.

Move the marker on the number line.


Can you write number sentences to show what happens when your teddy eats the food and what happens when he finds some more? Here's some to show you:

6 - 1 = 5

3 + 1 = 4

Now try these activities. You can use whatever equipment you can find at home, don't worry if you don't have cubes like we have at school.

For number 2, you can choose the names of any friends or people in your family.