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Maths Activities

This week we will be working on ordering and comparing numbers using number lines and number tracks to count on and count back. We will practice reading and writing numbers in words and using digits by completing missing number questions.


Can you complete the missing numbers in these sequences? 

Talk about the missing numbers with your helper. Practice writing and drawing the sequences.







Can you spot the mistakes in these counting sequences?

What should the answer be?



Now use your counting skills to find one more and one less. 

Talk about how you will find the answer. Will you make a number track to help you count one more and one less?

Practice answering the questions by drawing a diagram, writing the answer in digits and writing the numbers as words.



Make some number cards with a piece of paper that show the digits from 0 - 10 like these:


Shuffle the cards and choose a digit cards to practice counting one more and one less.

Now try solving these challenges.