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Maths Activities

This week we will continue working with our 1p, 2p and 5p coins.


Do you remember that the number on the coin tells us how much the coin is worth?

Sometimes it is written as a digit, sometimes it is written as a word. 

Can you find the number words on these coins?

Play this game with your helper.

You will need some 5p, 2p and 1p coins, up to five of each would be ideal.  You will also need a bag or an envelope which is not see-through!

1. Put your coins onto the table. Count them together. How many 1p coins are there? How many 2p coins? How many 5p coins?

2. Close your eyes while your helper hides one or two of the coins in the bag or envelope. No peeking.

3. When the coins have been hidden, open your eyes. Can you work out which coins have been hidden?

4. Check and see if you were correct.

In school we will be opening a shop. If you are at home, you could do this too!  

Collect some objects and label them with different prices. 

Practice going to the shop and buying some objects using your 1p, 2p and 5p coins.

Can you find different ways to pay for the objects?

What's the biggest number of coins you can use to pay for something?

What's the smallest number of coins you need to pay for something?

Can you choose two things (or more) and find the total price?

How much money is in each jar?

Count up the amounts and tell your helper what the coins in each jar are worth.

How many different ways can you use your coins to make the amounts shown for each of these jars?

Don't forget to send us some photos of your amazing maths work in your dojo portfolio, or by email!