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English Activities

In the story, Lost and Found, the boy helps his friend the penguin. The penguin doesn't speak in the story.

Talk to someone in your house about the penguin. What do you think he is thinking at different times in the story? How is he feeling?


If the penguin could talk, tell your helper what you think he would say to the boy.


The boy has to visit the South Pole to take the penguin home. If you had to make that journey, what would you pack in your suitcase?

What sorts of clothes would you need to take?

What food would you need?

Make a packing list for a journey to the South Pole.

You can write or draw the things you would pack.


Penguin starts with a p sound. Look around your home to find some other things that start with the p sound.  Make a list of some of the things you find.  You can write the names of the things you find, you can draw them or even take some photos!


If you have a printer at home, this week you can practice your pencil skills - can you keep your pen or pencil line on the path? Don't touch the ice! If you don’t have a printer, ask your helper to draw you a path on some paper with some twists and turns. You can look at the sheet below for some ideas.


Look for some of the vocabulary from the story in the Lost and Found word search. You can do this by looking at the word search on the screen if you don’t have a printer.