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In our story this week, Millicent makes a mistake. She finds a creature inside a box and doesn't realise he is a meerkat, she thinks he is a pet cat! Meer the meerkat makes lots of mistakes while he is trying to be Millicent's pet...


It might be fun to have a pet meerkat, but Millicent's dad was right - it isn't a very good idea!


What size is a meerkat?

Think about the foods that meerkats like to eat.

Think about the places they like to sleep. 

Do meerkats like to live alone?


Talk to your helper to work out some of the reasons why keeping a meerkat as a pet is a bad idea.

What would you say to someone who wanted to get a pet meerkat?

Write some of your ideas down in a list to explain to someone why keeping a meerkat as a pet is a bad plan. You can include drawings to help you to explain your reasons.

This week we thought we would have some fun practicing how to be news reporters! Watch this video news report about an ostrich that escaped from a zoo in China.

Newsround - An Ostrich Escapes from the Zoo

Still image for this video

What did you notice about the video news report? Talk to your helper about the answers to these questions:

Was the news report long or short?

How was the information organised? Did the reporter tell you the information in the order in which it happened, or was it all jumbled up?


The first sentence was different to the others. The reporter told you exactly what the news report was going to be about. Then he added some more sentences to tell you when it happened, where it happened and how the event ended.


Take a look at this news report about an escaped racoon. It isn't a video report this time, but you might notice that the information is presented in the same way as the information was presented in the video report.

This week we would like you to be a news reporter! You are going to record yourselves reading the news of Meer the meerkat being found by Millicent and how she thought he was a cat and kept him in her house before she realised and gave him to Steve's Safari Park.


To do this job you will need to organise your ideas.

Before you decide what you want to say in your report, you will need to sort the information into the correct order.

Use these pictures to help you practice telling your helper about the main events in the right order.

When you have practiced talking about the events in the correct order, you will need to decide how you are going to introduce your news report.  Talk to your helper about how you want to start. Make sure you tell the people listening to your report what it is going to be about.  Try writing your opening sentence down with your helper so that you don't forget it.


The middle bit of your report will be the part where you explain what happened in the correct order.  You have already practiced this and you can use the pictures to help you.


Next you will need to decide if you want to add any extra information at the end of your report that the listeners might find interesting, or might help them to understand why Meer going to live at the safari park was the best plan. You could finish your report by explaining that meerkats have very sharp claws and teeth and telling people why that might be a problem. You could finish your report by explaining that meerkats prefer to live in large families and explain why Meer would be happier at Steve's Safari Park. 


When you have decided what you will say, have a practice and then, if you can, ask your helper to record you reading out your report, just like a news reader! We would love to hear them.