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English Activities

In our story this week, Sunny the meerkat gets fed up with the hot weather and his busy family and decides to go on a trip to visit some of his relatives. Would you like to live in a hot desert like Sunny? Talk to your helper about hot deserts. They have hot days with lots of sunshine, but the nights can be cold. It doesn't rain very much at all.

What would be great about living in the desert?

What problems might you have living in the desert?

Sunny travels to a different place every day.

Can you sequence the days of the week?

Practice reading and writing the days of the week.

Make some cards with the days of the week written on them. Practice putting them in order.

Ask your helper to ask you questions like, what is the day before Wednesday? Which day is three days after Monday?

You could play some games where your helper hides one of the day cards and you have to work out which one is missing.

Sunny packs a suitcase to go on his holiday.

What would you pack to go on a special holiday?

Can you write a list of the things you would like to pack? Write or draw the items and add an explanation for why you think it is important that you remember to pack them.


Sunny has a label with his name and address on it attached to his luggage and he carries a travel photocard.

Make a luggage label  and a photocard with your name and address on it.

When do you need to start a new line when you are writing your address? Which words need capital letters?

We will be working on sequencing the events in the story and retelling the main events in our own sentences.

Can you retell the story using these pictures to help you?