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English Activities

In our story this week, a family have a penguin delivered to their house every day for a whole year!

Talk to your helper about the sorts of problems you might have if 365 penguins were delivered to your house.

What would you feed them? Where would you keep them all? Do you think it might get a bit smelly?


The family in our story don't really know how to look after penguins properly, so we would like you to make a list of instructions for the family. You can write and draw your instructions.

You need to tell the family what to feed the penguins, where they should keep them and let them know if there is anything special the penguins need to keep them happy. Maybe they would like a bath of cold water to swim in, or some rocks to climb on, or even some ice cream! I wonder what their favourite flavour might be...

We will be continuing to work on our penguin non-fiction books and this week we will be labelling a penguin using the correct technical vocabulary.

Can you draw an Emperor penguin like this one and label its features?



We will also be working with sounds this week and practicing our handwriting. 

You could try a treasure hunt around your home - how many things can you find which start with each of these sounds?

Can you find something which has the sound at the end of the word?


You can practice writing your letters on paper. If you don't have any lined paper, ask your helper to draw you some lines.

Look carefully at where the letters sit on the line.

Which parts of the letter sit on the line?

Which letter has a part that travels below the line?

Which letters are taller than the others?