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English Activities

In our story this week, Up and Down, the boy tries to help his penguin friend learn to fly.  While they are at the zoo, the penguin rushes off to join the circus. The boy doesn't know where his friend has gone and the penguin doesn't know how to find his way back home.

Talk to your helper about how the penguin would feel when he realised he was lost.

Talk to your helper about how the boy feels when he goes home without his penguin friend.


The penguin joins the circus and flies by becoming a stunt penguin. He gets fired into the air from a special cannon! Why do you think the penguin is wearing a helmet? Can you think of any other times when we need to wear a helmet to keep safe?


The boy has lots of ideas for how he could catch the penguin safely when he lands.

Can you draw your ideas for how to catch the penguin? 

How many different ways can you think of that would help him to land safely?

Can you write some words or sentences to label your drawings to explain how the boy will save the penguin?


The boy thought about catching the penguin in a net.  Net begins with the n sound. 

Look around your home to find some things that have the n sound in their name.

Is the n sound at the beginning, the middle or the end of the word?


Practice writing the letter n on some paper.  If you don't have any lined paper, you can ask your helper to draw you a line on some paper.

The letter n should sit on the line like this.