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Reading and Grammar: 

​​​Writing Ideas:

  • Can you write a shopping list, a letter or notes to friends and family or a little story?
  • Can you form letters of a consistent size, sitting on the line and leaving a clear space between each word?
  • Can you use a capital letter and full stop in a sentence?
  • Can you describe a character or setting using adjectives?
  • How many nouns can you collect in a room of your house or outdoors?

Top Tips for Reluctant Writers - if you're struggling to get your child to write at home, have a look at these hints and tips.

Writing Activity: Choose an Alien or Dojo Monster and describe them. Where do they live? Write about, draw or make their home.

Handwriting - Letter Formation:

Talk for writing is so important. Try making a story map for your favourite story and retell it orally using repetitive actions: Can you write the start of your story? Maybe you can write the whole story!

Be inspired with traditional stories: