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Dojo Sharing Challenge 6

The One Minute Marble Challenge



This challenge is one that will help you to develop your engineering design skills. All you will need is a marble or a tightly scrunched up ball of foil, some card from an old box and some sellotape. You will also need to think about all that work on forces we did in the Autumn Term.

Can you create a marble run, using only card and sellotape, that keeps your marble rolling for exactly a minute? It might sound easy, but a minute can seem like quite a long time when you are working on something like this! Don’t forget to share a short video of your creations in action on your Dojo Portfolio.

Here is a video from the James Dyson Foundation to talk you through some ideas.

Educational Activities for Kids: Marble Run Challenge

Are you ready to take on a fun STEM challenge? Using simple household materials, we want you to design a marble run that takes a minute to complete - no more...

Here is the challenge card they were talking about in the video.


I also happen to have some templates you might find useful which I have used in the past to make an epic paper roller coaster. They will enable you to add features like curves, corkscrews and the swirly bit (I don’t know the technical name for that I’m afraid) and there are also some useful brackets which might help to support your marble run.
Finally, I thought you might enjoy watching this video about the Congreve ball rolling clock in the British Museum. Can you see how it works?

Cool Rolling Ball Clock in The British Museum

This plate flips about every 30 seconds. The clock is based on a design by Sir William Congreve.