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Dojo Sharing Challenge 14

Dojo Challenge 14 - The One With The 

This week's Dojo Challenge, challenge 14, is all about being creative with photography (and it links rather nicely with our science about the spectrum of white light). 

We would like to challenge you to photograph a rainbow of objects you can find around your house, or on your walk. You will need to think carefully about the items you photograph, maybe a close up is what you need rather than a photo of the whole thing. 

If you have your own smartphone or you can borrow one to take your photos, you can use a range of techniques to change your images so that your rainbow looks really effective! Some people might have a special app on their phone to work with photos, but you don't need one as there are tools built in already.

You could try using some of these tools to work with your photos to get the best effects for your rainbow composition...


On an iPhone you can edit a photo by selecting it and choosing edit at the top and then sliding along the editing choices at the bottom of the screen, if you have an android phone you need to press the little slider icon at the bottom to enter the editing menu and then press it again to get to the interesting editing screen.

  • Exposure: That's the first choice in the iPhone menu and it's in the light menu on an android. This will change how bright or dark your picture looks.
  • Contrast: That's the fifth choice in your iPhone menu and the second in the light menu on an android. Changing this can create textures, highlights and shadows.
  • Saturation: That's the seventh choice in your iPhone menu and the first in the colour menu on an android. Changing this can create textures, highlights and shadows. Changing this can make colours seem more vibrant.
  • Crop and rotate: You can find this tool by clicking on an icon that looks like this 

Cropping will allow you to cut a piece out of your original photo and save it.  Rotating will let you spin an image round to a different orientation.

Photo editing is used all the time to neaten up photos and make magazines and websites look more appealing to the people who use them. If you enjoy it, you might enjoy work on creative iMedia at secondary school. You might even do it for GCSE in the future.


Don't forget to share your rainbows with us on your Dojo portfolios.