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Dojo Sharing Challenge 12

Dojo Challenge 12 - The One With The

Architect, Frank Gehry, has been in the news over the last few years because of his bold and imaginative designs for buildings. He is 90 years old and still working, thinking up some really creative designs that have become tourist attractions - he even gets people visiting his home just to look at it!

Take a look at some of his designs here.

Frank Gehry won a competition to build Berlin's tallest skyscraper. It hasn't been built yet because it is so big there are worries that it might cause problems for the underground railway beneath the construction site.  If you are going to build a really tall building, there are lots of engineering principles you need to consider.

We would like to challenge you to build the tallest possible skyscraper you can out of card and paper, Frank Gehry builds all his models out of paper and card when he is designing too.  You'll know from building tall towers with Lego or Jenga blocks that the taller they get, the wobblier they become. This is a problem for real tall buildings too and obviously, they need to be safe.  Structural engineers use the forces of tension and compression, making them work together to keep tall buildings standing.

Take a look at this helpful booklet called  Building Tension as it is full of tips to help you build something tall but stable, and see if you can build the tallest paper skyscraper in Hilton!

We would love to see photos of your creations on your Dojo portfolio, and it would be interesting if you could also let us know how tall it is.  I wonder which class will be the winner of the tallest building competition?

Design is also important though, so try and use interesting shapes in your buildings, just like Frank Gehry!

If you have a new found love of architecture, you might enjoy this architecture colouring book to download and print. It's from a Spanish company - see if you can recognise any words!