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Dojo Sharing Challenge 10

Dojo Challenge 10 - The One With The

This week's Dojo challenge has been inspired by the British sculptor, Andy Goldsworthy. He likes to create temporary art from natural materials. The objects he creates can be amazing, he works with all types of materials - he has even worked with ice! “When I make something, in a field, street or altering the landscape, it may vanish, but it’s part of the history of those places,” he said in an interview about his work.  

We would like you to try making a temporary, natural piece of art.  You can use any natural, outdoor material you can find to create your piece and there are some more photos below to inspire you!  Look at the shapes and the types of materials he uses and think about what you may be able to find lying around outside. There are also some videos of him working to watch below. 

Don't forget to take a photo of your creation and share it with us on your Dojo portfolio!

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Andy Goldsworthy - Land Art

Rivers and Tides- Andy Goldsworthy