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Phonics Cups!



Have you got any plastic cups or will your grown up let you use the tea cups? Turn them upside down and make a label (phase 3 diagraphs and trigraphs) for the top of each cup. Hide a pom pom or anything you have to hand under 1 cup take and it in turns with your grown up to try and guess which cup the pom pom is under by saying the phase 3 sounds. 


You could also make labels using your set words.

3 In a Row!

First choose 9 diagraphs/trigraphs and write them on the board. Then think of some words with each diagraph/trigraph in and write them on slips of paper. Mix up the words and take it in turns to choose a word and read it, putting a counter over the corresponding diagraph/trigraph. The first person with 3 in a row is the winner.


Split a piece of paper up into 6-8 boxes. Inside each box write a word which contains any of the learnt sounds (rain, feet, pair etc). Then write each tricky sound (diagraphs and trigraphs) on separate pieces of paper, fold them up and place them in a box or a bag. Take it in turns to pick a sound. Do you have a word with that sound in on your board? If so can you read it? If you can read the word place a coin, counter etc on it and repeat. The winner is the first person to achieve BINGO!

I - Spy!

I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with 'd'.


How many things can you see that have the letter 'd' at the beginning? What about the middle or end? Play with other sounds including the diagraphs and trigraphs.


Can you practise writing capital letters by creating your own word search? Choose 8 words from your favourite story and put them in the grid then fill in the rest of the grid with other capital letters. Ask someone in your house if they can find all the words.

Alphabetical Order

Alphabet Song - ABC Song UK ZED Version! Learn the Alphabet, British English ABC Songs

UK English "Zed" version of our Alphabet Song! Learn your ABCs (and Zeds!) with Bounce Patrol. Can you sing all the letters of the alphabet from A to Z? Whis...

Using the learnt diagraphs and trigraphs, can you think of and write a word for each sound? Can you write them in a list in alphabetical order?


Ask your grown up to write a few sentences for you with mistakes! Can you read the sentences and correct the mistakes?



thE cat hab A. big  red ship

Wecan Get the bus to te fishand chip hsop?

max and vikram sial a wooden doat

Jeff Chucks bits ofbun in the riwer for the ducks. 

kevin’s DaD cooks shicken for them and YASmin sits on a rock and looks for fish?