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Year 1

Frozen Kingdom


Year One had a fabulous first day back exploring the frozen world of the Arctic and Antarctica. We investigated ice by using salt, water-colours and ice balloons. We explored water and water beads, re-enacted our story 'Lost and Found' using the small world, made polar creatures with craft materials and looked at maps and read about animals and frozen parts of our world.

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Help at Home - Money


We have been exploring and learning the value of coins. Can you guess the value of the coin with your eyes closed? Can you sort a selection of coins? Can you make 10p?

Try these games at home:


Our Fabulous Learning Zone!

Our Fabulous Learning Zone! 1
Our Fabulous Learning Zone! 2

A big thank you to all the staff who have been involved in making our learning zone just perfect. We are now enjoying working in this area. We have particularly enjoyed being superheroes having been inspired by reading the Supertato books by Sue Hendra.

Share the story at home:

Open Day

Open Day  1
Open Day  2
Open Day  3
Open Day  4
Open Day  5
Open Day  6

The children, parents and staff have had a wonderful African and Kenyan themed Open Day and assembly in Year 1 today. We've really enjoyed having to into our lovely school and Year 1 classrooms to join in with some fun, creative activities. Many thanks to all of the parents, carers, grandparents and friends who were able to join us today and for the positive and enthusiastic feedback you gave to us too. 


A huge thank you to all of the Year 1 parents and carers for your support with collecting lose change in the children's handmade charity boxes. The money was donated to help and support school children in Tanzania through the charity Aid Tanzania. The children have raised £165.50. Each class has been sent a personal thank you message from the children. 

A Huge Thank You!

A Huge Thank You! 1
This week, Year 1 have been learning about different animals and their homes. As part of this work, we have made a 'Wormery' so that the children can observe what worms can get up to underground! 

1LB Wormery

1LB Wormery 1
1LB Wormery 2
1LB Wormery 3
1LB Wormery 4

1LB - Today, as part of our PSHCE Jigsaw scheme we have been celebrating our successes, talking about how we learn best - listening, looking and doing. 


We discussed that to achieve a goal we have to plan little steps to help us get there! 


To demonstrate this we planned the steps to make a jam sandwich and then we made one! 

Steps to achieving a goal!

Steps to achieving a goal!  1
Steps to achieving a goal!  2
Steps to achieving a goal!  3
Steps to achieving a goal!  4
Steps to achieving a goal!  5